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BC Lev Echad
Supports Israel

BC Lev Echad Supports Israel & the IDF is a grassroots operation comprised of volunteers from the Bergen County Jewish community, with satellite chapters in Miami and Los Angeles. After the October 7th attacks in Israel, we came together to coordinate with local, national, and international suppliers and channels, corral supplies needed by the IDF and displaced families, and ship them to Israel. We run entirely on donations and work with other local organization to ensure as much humanitarian relief as possible gets to our brothers and sisters in Israel. 

BC Lev Echad

The October 7th Hamas attacks on Israel will go down as one of the darkest days in modern Israeli history.

The display of terror and inhumanity has seared an indelible mark on the collective consciousness of younger Jews, for whom the Holocaust and Yom Kippur War were only historical concepts contemplated in retrospect. Inspired to immediate action, a group of Bergen County volunteers quickly banded together to corral supplies needed by the IDF and civilians, pack them, and ship them to Israel. Since October 8th, this core group has undertaken a powerful grassroots campaign to recruit hundreds of volunteers of all ages, rent a local warehouse, raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, and coordinate international efforts—determinedly barreling through red tape and political minutia—to pack and ship 7,500+ duffel bags and over 100 tons of palleted cargo of essential supplies needed by IDF soldiers defending Israel. 


Calling themselves Bergen County (BC) Lev Echad, they’re run by a dedicated group of individuals who forsake personal and professional responsibilities to fuel these powerful efforts. But as the war in Israel continues and soldiers are in dire need of even basic supplies, they need more support from the global Jewish community and beyond to continue their sacred work.


We have assisted in the procurement, packing, and delivery of over 7,500 duffle bags.

Soldier Supplies

75,000 Socks
40,000 Thermals 
20,000 Jackets 

10,000 Power Banks

10,000 Neck gaiters

7,000 Balaclavas

1,500 Boots 

Soft Tactical

15,000 Knee Pads 

15,000 Gloves 

10,000 Headlamps

7,000 Leatherman's

6,000 Protective Eyewear

5,000 Camelback's

2,000 G-shocks

Humanitarian Aid

10,000 Kid Jacket's

5,000 Pajama's

Baby Formula 


Wet Wipes

Clothing for Displaced



30,000 CAT Tourniquets

15,000 Units of Quik Clot

10,000 Chest Seals

5,000 IFAK's

Bone Cement 

Blood Plasma 

Mobile Ultrasounds

Our Team

We're Jewish community members in our 30s, 40s and beyond. We're parents, professionals, and busy with the numerous demands that come with those roles and with contemporary Jewish communal life. But we know there's nothing more important or sacred than strengthening our homeland and ensuring the Jewish future. If not now, when? And if not us, then who? Join us.


Our Network

We believe in the importance of supporting the IDF in their mission to protect Israel and its people. We work closely with the IDF, airlines, and customs to identify their needs and provide assistance wherever we can.

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Lev Echad Inc.


Lev Echad Inc

Address: 188 Sherwood Place Englewood, NJ 07631

Phone: 201-606-3868

Donor Advised Funds

Lev Echad Inc

Tax ID: 81-1447687

Address: 188 Sherwood Place

Englewood, NJ 07631


Email us at if you can donate any supplies for soldiers or civilians

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